18 June 2010

a story for "true singaporean ghost story'

Mohd Hanafi Bin Mohd Hussin, 16, Student

“Jangan pandang belakang”, don’t look back

Hey all, what’s up? Now it’s my turn to tell you my story. Have you ever heard the saying of “jangan pandang belakang” or more likely to be known as “Don’t look back”. Ha-ha, you may think I am creating a cock-and-bull story. It’s up to you to trust on it. This happened last year when I was in Form 3 in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Taman Tuanku Ja’afar, in Negeri Sembilan.

As usual, all the Form 3 students will prepare for the major exam; PMR. My friends and I were not excluded too. We’re as busy as bees at that time struggling preparation before the “killer day”. Our school made night tuition for the Form 3 students as the “killer day” was just around the corner. Usually, the tuition sessions ends at 10 p.m. My friend, Deelan, and I prefer cycling home from school.

Till one night, things went wrong. It was 3 days before the exam. The cloud was very thick. The moonlight was quite gloomy and dark. We were quizzing each other about what we had learnt while cycling home from school. Suddenly, we heard a loud thunder “Boom!” “It’s going to rain, Come on lets cycle faster”, I warned Deelan. We make ourselves into the TTJ streets. Unfortunately the lightning shone brightly. It seemed to warn us on ‘something’ ahead waiting for us. All the lights in the street went off suddenly as we cycle through. “Errm, Nafi do you notice that this street is eerie now?” Deelan questioning me. “Yeah it is hair-rising,” I answered full of fright.

We passed by the cemetery which is abandoned and grassy. “Hah! This will be even scarier!” Deelan mumbled. We cycled very fast and came to a sudden stopped when we saw a black figure with straight black hair sitting on a grave. It was my cousin’s grave! She died in a dreadful accident.
We were very afraid and I felt my heart pounding seeing the figure looking at us. Its bright red eyes pointing towards us. We made a quick move and felt very relieved when we are out of that spooky area. We were actually wrong of relieving earlier as the worst part is just beginning. I felt a cold breathe at my neck. When I turn back, I saw the black figure! And the worst part is, it looked like my cousin!! The difference was at the colour of eyes and the teeth. I told myself “Don’t look back, don’t look back, it was just your illusions”.
My friend, Deelan saw my panic. He asked me,” Why are you looking so pale, cheer up, we’ve just pass by that spooky area. Don’t tell me that you’re still thinking about that spooky place!” “Th.. Don’t you see, sh.. s. she ss..is behind me!!!!” I answered full of fright. Deelan looked at me as I like a clumsy clown trying to mumble words by words “What??? Who??” he asks me full of weird because he sees nothing behind me except my schoolbag. I turned again and saw her grins, her EVIL grins!!! I recited my prayers and shouted “Allahuakbar!” On that moment I saw her face altering. Her skins seemed to be like “boiling”. And then she vanished!! I made my moves faster towards my house after dropping Deelan into his house.

I told my Mum about what had happened to me. My Mum was very shocked to see my face was as white as a paper! I felt myself of being lucky after escaping myself from the ghost. I was brought to the mosque to meet the Ustaz. According to that Ustaz, the figure that I saw was a soul of my cousin who disturbs people because no one had visited her grave and she lived in that place full of suffers and tribulation.

The Ustaz recite to me some ‘doa’ and inform me never ever neglect my prays and ‘solat’. The next day I felt more energetic. My family and I went to visit my cousin’s grave. We cleaned the grave and recite some ‘doa’ for her peacefulness. On our way home, I saw the grave was shone with brightness of light. I knew that my cousin’s had rest in peace now. As for me, I faced my examination calmly without worries because I had made an earlier preparation which benefits to me a lot. I had a lot more stories for you and I hope you’d be prepare to hear my stories. That’s all from me. Hope this story had given you knowledge.

~~~~~~~~~~the end~~~~~~~~~~~

Syukran 'ala kulli haal. From your friend, moha_mohu