31 December 2010

Last Day ( I think so) :(

Good bye to all of you.!! Ill abandon this blog for months.. Please pray for all of the SPM candidates, who are going to sit for the deathly major exam in 2011. Bye for now J

Syukran 'ala kulli haal. From your friend, moha_mohu

30 December 2010

Longing to homeworks.. :P

2011 is just around the corner...  It means, the school season will start soon. I don’t know why I missed the 4-story building which is majestically built at taman tuanku jaafar so much. Bored of jailing myself at home....  

Syukran 'ala kulli haal. From your friend, moha_mohu

29 December 2010

URL Changed

Bye-Bye..... http://sockcakeworld.blogspot.com   Hello...... creamsoflife
Syukran 'ala kulli haal. From your friend, moha_mohu

27 December 2010

New English novel for form 5 ( 2011)

I just got my text books this morning. So, the literatures book for form 5 changed to the new one from ‘The Pearl’ to this novel. I read it once I got it. Initially, I thought it is a kind of ghost story. Quite interesting but the complicated languages make me felt tortured. I had to look up for those bombastic words in the dictionary. Argghh!. So irritating. I’ll list the words that I found difficult to be understand by people who are weak in English just like me. Yes, yes.. I am weak in speaking languages that is not my mother’s tongue. When I wrapped the book this evening, I took the opportunity to go through the books. When I went through the Biology text book, I found that it is full of weird  terms like clavicle and scapula. Huhhh.. I felt really killed. I need to put more concern on my studies, and leave these social networks for a moment... but I hardly do what I said. Those glimmering social networks made my time occupied with games and entertainment. Tll then I will start to abandon my studies. This will cause my result to plunge down!!!! I don’t want to be like that actually, I am a person who cannot withstand entertainments..

Syukran 'ala kulli haal. From your friend, moha_mohu

26 December 2010

The Bloody A+

This bloody A+ is difficult to be achieved. The government seems to torture us, these day students..  What an agony for me to score that A+ ….
In form 4, I had never achieved A+ for all my subjects. The Chemistry, Biology, and Physics are the hardest paper among those 11 subjects… People always say that we need to work hard for success… Huh, that’s my major problem, I didn’t work hard enough to score the bloody A+… Can you imagine, that I only study hard whenever there’s exam,,,, Yes,,, that’s true,,, When the exam season approaches, my school would be as silent as we are in graveyard… No jokes…. Teachers are the happiest person I think during the deathly days; they don’t have to confront our wildness…. HAHA. As for me, when tomorrow exam is on, I felt easy to wake up early and study, but if no exam…. My snores will haunt the house (actually I’m not snoring while sleeping)
I will sink into my dreams and hardly wakes up. Face the reality, I am not an easy-waked person. A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ ….. That’s my wish for my future exam result during this coming form 5 which will start soon on January.. I need to demolish all my leisure times and my social networks including this blog for months,,,,, Need to scarify…. L Please pray for my success… I want to compete with those ‘poyo’ G’gians … Cannot mention their name…. They are good at everything which makes me feel  tiny, puny in front of them… I think that’s all for my writings today ,,, Thanks … assalamualaikum. Bye  7 8 May god bless you   

Syukran 'ala kulli haal. From your friend, moha_mohu

25 December 2010

~Social Network Addicted~

I am proudly announcing that I'm really addicted to the Facebook. :D
Yesterday, on my way back from the tuition class, my father torture me with his ‘Sherlock Holmes’ questions… Ha-ha, he asked me, ‘ When will you stop your computer?’ I am really stunted with that killing question. I turned into a long silence before answering ‘PERHAPS, end of December’ …. I stressed the word “Perhaps” .. He looked at me angrily… I can see his moustaches rolling into demonic shape, his eyes turn reddish…. ‘’Why , perhaps? Are you addicted?,,,, You’re going to sit for you major exam,,,, remember ,,,, this leisure time , you should complete your form 4 revision’’….. I am a bit nervous, if I couldn’t make to stop my addiction… The social network is really making me insane,,,,, It makes me want to stalk others pages,,,, Huh… That is not beneficial, isn’t? I think I should deactivate my account for a year to concern on my studies……  Please for my success in blocking my addiction from ruining my future,,,,,  That’s all for now,,,, Bye J

Syukran 'ala kulli haal. From your friend, moha_mohu

23 December 2010

Jealousy Attacks!!!!!

Feeling to kill someone... I am a good jealous-er....
Those childish kids got better result than mine...  How in the world would they obtain the FLYING COLOURS so easy???????????????
GRRRRR     Dapat soalan bocor???? Hahaha.... Perhaps... But I'm still not satisfied...... What miraculous trick done by them????? I would like to know too.....
Syukran 'ala kulli haal. From your friend, moha_mohu

A gulp of word..

Happy day,,, good to have this blog on for people like you...,,,, yes you,,,, to read ...... Thanx for your attention... (Actually ,,  I'm Wordless after playing with those quotes in xml. of this blogs,,,,) Bear in mind... have a bottle of fresh drink in front of you b4 you edit those xml documents... It is totally torturing mind.... Huh...
" class="magnify" data-magnifyby="2" style="width:200px; height:150px cursor: url(magnify.cur), -moz-zoom-in; " />Okay, lets come back to the blog url....  www.sockcakeworld.blogspot.com ????? haha.... Sock stands for a terrible life,,,,,, Cake stands for a pleasure life... And World stands for life.....  Got it? Sock  & Cake World….. Bye J Keep your angelic eyes          
to this blog... Bookmark it... 

Syukran 'ala kulli haal. From your friend, moha_mohu

20 December 2010

Suka Hati Aku la.


Kata nak approve kalau dh follow blog die... Tapi.... Die buat x tau jerp... Ermmm nvmd la.... Kalau blog ni kurang followers pun ... i can have more privacy.... Someone, who had criticized this blog on its religious posts.. They think I should post more on my daily routines.... Huh .... It's my choice whether I want to convey any post... It's my blog........ Who are you to decide on WHAT I DOs ? 

Syukran 'ala kulli haal. From your friend, moha_mohu

3 December 2010



A believer is to be marveled at because every condition of his is good. This is exclusive to the believer. If he attains happiness, he is thankful, and that is good for him, and if calamity overtakes him, he is paient, and that is good for him. [Muslim]
A mother is one of the strongest doors of Paradise, if you wish you may pull it down, or if you wish you may protect it. [Tirmidhi]
A parent can give a child no greater gift than beautiful manners. [Hakim]
A person has done enough wrong in his life if he simply repeats everything he hears. [Muslim]
A person who teaches goodness to others while neglecting his own soul is like an oil lamp, which illumines others while burning itself out. [Tabarani]
A person’s spiritual practice is only as good as that of his close friends; so consider well whom you befriend. [Tirmidhi]
A pious character, a fine countenance, and moderation represent one of seventy parts of prophethood. [Bukhari]
A sense of shame will make anything more beautiful, whereas obscenity will make anything more ugly. [Bukhari]
A son of Adam becomes old but two things in him become young: greed for wealth and greed for more life. [Bukhari & Muslim]
A soul will never die until it fully receives all of its livelihood. [Ibn Maja]
A young man never honors an old man due to age but that God sends someone to honor him when he reaches that age. [Tirmidhi]
Accursed is the slave of the dinar and the dirham. [Bukhari]
Allah does not look at your appearance or wealth but looks at your heart and actions. [Muslim]
Allah has forbidden to you denying what you owe and demanding what you have no right to, and has disliked for you idle talk and gossip, excessive questioning, and squandering wealth. [Bukhari & Muslim]
Allah is displeased with your conjecturing, with your asking an inordinate amount of questions, and with your wasting money. [Bukhari]
Allah Most High says, “If I try someone by taking his/her sight and he/she is patient, I will reward him/her with Paradise.” [Bukhari]
Allah will expiate the sins of a Muslim by means of the fatigue and the pain that beset him/her, by the anguish and the worry, and the affliction and the sorrow, and even the prick of a thorn. [Bukhari & Muslim]
Among the most evil of people are the two-faced; those who approach this group with one face and that group with another. [Bukhari]
Among the well known wisdom of the prophets is the saying, ‘If you have no shame, then do as you please.’ [Bukhari]
And the destroyers are desires followed, miserliness obeyed, and a man being pleased with himself, and (of the things that destroy) this (last) is the worst of them. [Bayhaqi]
Anger ruins faith just as the aloe plant ruins honey. [Bayhaqi]
Any Muslim who is beset with a calamity, a wound, or an illness will have his/her sins expiated. This is as true for the prick of a thorn as it is for an all-out disaster. [Bukhari & Muslim]
Anyone who sees a believer degraded, and, being able to defend him, does not, is degraded by God on the Day of Judgment. [Ahmad]
Ask Allah for ease in this world and the next. [Bukhari]
Ask Allah for forgiveness and ease in this world and in the next, for if you are given ease in this world and in the next, you will have attained success. [Bukhari]
Avoid cupidity (avarice), for it is instant poverty. [Tabarani]

Syukran 'ala kulli haal. From your friend, moha_mohu

2 December 2010

Wonders for human being.

Have you ever wonder, how perfect and miraculous we are created by Allah S.W.T. ? 
Have you ever wonder, why we're created in the world as human, not as animals nor plants?
Ya-ya, some of you will say, we're created to be the Caliph in this world. But, lets think about it professionally. This short-lasting world is a place for us, the wise humans, to do our worship and our responsibility to Him.We borned to prepare ourself for the Judgment day. We should take responsibility on our good and bad deeds, as we all are now well-grown up persons. 
We're given brain filled with creative and innovative minds to be used in prospering our lives. The modernization are wildly spread throughout the humans. The mind is the one which decides what we had done, what we're doing, and what'll we do. Question, how do we control our lust with the help of the well-created mind. Our daily practices which is "zikr" and "d'oa"s will help the mind to fight against the evil appetence. By practicing  those noble deeds, we would feel ourself is positioned near to Allah. If we remember Him, He would always remember us. Insya-Allah we'll discuss more on this topic later on.
Keep your eyes wide-open for new posts by me. And.... don't forget to scribble some comments if you want to ask on something, or you want to correct something in this post.
That's all from me now, Jazakallahukhairan. Assalamualaikum w.b.t 

Syukran 'ala kulli haal. From your friend, moha_mohu

Magical words

Picked from 'Akeelah and The Bee' movie ;  [quoting Marianne Williamson

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. 

Does that mean anything to you?  It's written in plain English. What does it mean? 
 I'm not supposed to be afraid?  Afraid of what? Afraid of... me? 

Syukran 'ala kulli haal. From your friend, moha_mohu

1 December 2010

A day I realize

There'll be a day,
 you find someone, stares at you,
Someone who has smiles carved on the face,
You'll soon realize 
that one day, you'll get to know him

There'll be a day,
you find someone, stares at you,
Someone whose cheeks are red apples,
You'll soon realize,
that he is trying to approach you 

I had found a day,
where someone stares at me.
The shines in his eyes make me wonders,
he could be very fanatic towards me, 
he could be my hero,who beats the zeros,
he could be my companion, when I am in need,
he could be my pillow, a place where I hide my secrets.

But one day, I realize,
My wonders are just castles on the air,
He is not as perfect as what I had wanted,
He is one of the homo sapiens, same as myself,

My heart shattered to pieces,
as I found out he is not himself,
he couldn't be very fanatic towards me,
he couldn't be my hero, who beat the zeros,
he couldn't be my companion, when I am in need,
he couldn't be my pillow, a place where I hide my secrets.
He betrayed me.

And now, I'll never find a day,
where he stares at me,
And now, I'll never find a day,
where he smiles at me.
He was my friend once,
But now, there is nothing left for me,
He left me with a hopeless hope.

I know , it's my fault,
being too choosy and selfish,
Only the God knows how I feel
How miserable my life is, without him,

000000>THE END<000000

Syukran 'ala kulli haal. From your friend, moha_mohu