25 December 2010

~Social Network Addicted~

I am proudly announcing that I'm really addicted to the Facebook. :D
Yesterday, on my way back from the tuition class, my father torture me with his ‘Sherlock Holmes’ questions… Ha-ha, he asked me, ‘ When will you stop your computer?’ I am really stunted with that killing question. I turned into a long silence before answering ‘PERHAPS, end of December’ …. I stressed the word “Perhaps” .. He looked at me angrily… I can see his moustaches rolling into demonic shape, his eyes turn reddish…. ‘’Why , perhaps? Are you addicted?,,,, You’re going to sit for you major exam,,,, remember ,,,, this leisure time , you should complete your form 4 revision’’….. I am a bit nervous, if I couldn’t make to stop my addiction… The social network is really making me insane,,,,, It makes me want to stalk others pages,,,, Huh… That is not beneficial, isn’t? I think I should deactivate my account for a year to concern on my studies……  Please for my success in blocking my addiction from ruining my future,,,,,  That’s all for now,,,, Bye J

Syukran 'ala kulli haal. From your friend, moha_mohu

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