10 January 2011

Monday Lovers!

hi people!!
howdy? i hope u guys are in the pink of health (gee..sounds like writing a letter to fans..lol :D)
btw, today is monday(yea,yea everyone knows that :D!), its a working day for most of us as well as many peeps are having non-stop classes.
Once u come back home, i'm pretty sure its a .....
great relief for you guys to end your busy day.

Most of us(including the person who is typing now :P) might be questioning why MONDAYS come around quicker than FRIDAYS?
Probably, due to our temptation to release overload stress during weekend after never-ending tasks need to be done throughout the weekdays.
Okay, after halfway reading my writing  are you feeling better now peeps? :D :D uhmmm.. actually there are so many ways to relieve burdens and one of the ways is, you are currently doing  EXTENSIVE READING!!(click on it)
Extensive reading is a light,and an enjoyable reading without messing up your mind with factual articles and journals.
Thus, read more,learn more :D (extracted(changed some words) from Milo tagline advertisement,"play more learn more")

Wow, its already afternoon , okay peeps u need to have lunch now.so lets stop our session for today.. till then we meet again.okay?cheers! thanks for reading..have a great day ahead!!

Nah,take a break!Watch this!!

muhaini hussin
Syukran 'ala kulli haal. From your friend, moha_mohu

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