13 February 2011

Full belly , Happy ending?

Such a controversial title, right? Today I'd been to tonnes of weddings. That's why, I am now very blissful and happy to write something for all of you.
Have you realized ....
that the header of this blog changed... Ya, ya. I changed it. Because , i want this blog to be up-to-date.. hahah .. seriously.. Put some comments on the chat box (see at the side of this page) about the header. I will listen to your 'beautiful' and 'sweet' comments.. (See those highlighted inverted commas)! Exactly!  although they aren't sweet enough :P uppps.. Haha... Ermmm, other than that, this blog has 2 web address : 
  1. www.creamsoflife.blogspot.com   ( You know this link )
  2. www.emslife.tk  (HAAAA this is the new one!)
Why EMSLIFE? Want to know? Really? Ok, i'll tell you.
 Ems= M's which stands for me and my sister initials.. (Mohd hanafi & Muhaini)
and the Life= (you know right!)

HAha... Hope you like it....

That's all for now bye :)

Syukran 'ala kulli haal. From your friend, moha_mohu

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