25 February 2011

school time


Hello folks! How are you?
Hope you're fine bcause i have a story for you... Want to know what is it about? Really? Ok..Fine... I'll tell you...
Today as usual, i went to the 4-story building.. Bringing my schoolbag which is full of unfinished work.. you know la, that i'm very lazy to spend my time on them.  Ha-ha. Just joking. actually i had no mood to finished my homework. hoping for some 'good-fate' for today. we had some doas and speech from an invited guest. 
After sometimes,the first lesson start. Everything went smoothly and fine.... Till the bell rangs assigning the first lesson finished. We rushed to the p6 lab. we had to do some exp. for our 'Peka'.  The 'peka' is for

Oh gosh, this thing really made me out of my mind.... but it is for my goodness too..
I succeeded in doing the experiment, together with 2 of my friends.. afi and irwan.. we done the Voltage against Current experiment beautifully.. Till then i started to realize that the recess bell rang loud and clear. My stomach was crying for some 'karipap', or nuggets. Hah! Then , I realized that i haven't completed my BM works... so i rushed to the class and grab my pens and stationaries to do the work... My stomach is 'yelling' at me "WHY? WHY?... Why should you torture me like this.... I haven't had any delicacies since yesterday". Yes that's is true. i slept early yesterday.. so I passed my dinner. and for my breakfast (in this early morning).. I neglected it because I WAS LATE FOR SCHOOL.. Grrrr.... I was a little bit dizzy... To overcome my dizziness  i pour some 'minyak kapak' on my head.. he-he (that's the weapon that i keep along with me wherever i go)
oH CRAps!!!! I wish i could tell you some more ... but I have to go to tuition now...  

See you soon!
Feel free

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Syukran 'ala kulli haal. From your friend, moha_mohu

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