2 March 2011

A blink of a pair of eyes

Hey you!!!!!!
Yes, you!!!!!!!!!
how are you ? 

good? fine? bad? 
huh. who cares? :P haha

an early morning started with smiles and jokes.
Before my hands continues to 'babble' . i want to wish all of you, Good Morning!!!

Know what? this is my special day... because tonight@morning , 

i will be an owl guarding this house... haha..

serously, i cant sleep once i had sleep earlier..
yes. yes,,,,, i slept for 4 hours this evening. from 3 pm till 7 pm ( at dusk ) .. huh.. luckliy i managed to do my prayers.. Alhamdulillah...
i am so tired , my bodys felt so heavy (not in term of MASS!!) .... My head was a bit ache.... Huh... you know right ,how it feels to be on a bed during those sickful moment?  ya Ya Ya..... All of us will be very blissful seeing our pillows and mattress calling us " Hanafi, Hanafi... come here.... let me accompanies you" ... WOOOO~ kind of spooky... ^.^ 

Great!!! Now I Have time to write for YOU..... 
ermmm what are going to babble on? 
do you have any idea?
please give me some idea?
These night@early morning.... lack of CO2 to enhance my knowledge... 

many homeworks ~> X bored
miss of something ~> X bored
feeling anxious on chess games ~> *** Yeahh!! finally.. found a topic..

I started playing online chess on FB ... since december 2010

Quite interesting because i can make friends as well as improvising my skills on chess playing. I meet/play with people from all over the world... They are great player.. brainiac....I was quite devastated as i always lose ... but Nevermind.. somehow i managed to know some people from all over the world.. 

  1. phillipine
  2. indonesia
  3. egypt
  4. Malaysia
  5. india
  6. russian
  7. china
And more!!! want to play with me? add me on FB ... and go to this link...

ermmm .. i think i have to stop now..... i have to go now because many works awaiting me in my study room...
That's all for now folks... Bye~.~

Syukran 'ala kulli haal. From your friend, moha_mohu

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