24 April 2011


" When Love speaks, it is Master. "

" Your true friend is the one who never lets you do mistakes, but forgives you everything. "

" Never let anyone come to you and leave without being happier. "

" The soul of a great man can be recognised in the sparkling eyes of his lady. "

" We must love ourselves enough to know how to forget about ourselves. "

" If your daily life seems poor, do not blame it, but rather, blame yourself and know that you have not been poetic enough to capture it's richness. "

" Music gives soul to our hearts, and wings to our thoughts. "

" There are no uncrossable obstacles, there are only more or less energetic wills. "

" You will be young for as long as you stay receptive. Receptive to all that is beautiful, good and great. Receptive to the messages of nature, men and God. "

" Old age which is a decadence for ordinary beings, is for geniuses, saints and Initiates; an apothesis. "

" In young woman, beauty contributes to spirit. In older women, spirit contributes to beauty. "

" A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. "

" God and men are like two lovers who have made a mistake on the location of their meeting place. Men waits for God in time, and God waits for men in eternity. "

" God is an infinite sphere of which the center is everywhere and the circonference, no where. "

" To give a glass of water for a glass of water is nothing. True greatness consists of giving back good for wrongdoing. "

" When you are sorry, look at the other person in the eyes. "

" Those who have a great "why", can endure any "how". "

" Choose a work which you love and you won't have to work a single day of your life. "

" Everytime you wish to know the true nature of something, give it to time. "

" Rest from having done your best, and let others speak as they want. "

" Man builds himself only in the pursuit of what is greater then him. "

" We must never think of the distance, whatever it may be, that separates us from virtue. "

" To listen well, is almost to answer. "

" No matter if the beginning is small. "

" It is in efforts that we find full satisfaction and not necessarily in success, a full effort is a full victory. "

" There are no great realisations which were not utopias first. "

" To the happy heart a joyful smile. "

Syukran 'ala kulli haal. From your friend, moha_mohu

21 April 2011


Hello, hello and hello
I feel delighted and a bit worried seeing
the increment of viewers for this dumpty blog.

So as usual, here am I..... MoHa MoHu,
Deadly seated in front of this classical computer.
Feeling very tired as my hands are doing two works at a time ; typing for all of you, and cutting pieces of paper for science competition.
I want some prizes.... so i have to suffer now.... having some tribulations for my body..... The eyes are suffering most among the other parts of my body.....

BuZZZzzzzZZZZ? what is that?
Ya, you know right .... how do bees sound? BuzzzZzzzzz....
My life is as busy as the bees BuzzZZzzzzz
Agony of a mankind...
Trapped in between of these burdening works and chores!!!!!!

To make things far worse, I was still having flu since the chess competition....
Owh ya.!Talking on the chess competition... I am proudly announcing that 
I fail to enter state level....
Bwahahaha! Never mind.... IDC ! My life stills goes on though i lost it.... What's most important is that , I get some experiences and knowledge..... Nvm....

Preparation for SPM [?]
My parents are yelling at me
"When are you going to start your revision???? When????"

Huh!!!!!! :(
Grrrrww. a bit angry...  but they are advising for my goodness... my future.... But i still felt LAZY to look at the books..... I repeat... I am REALLY LAZY!!!....
Huh..... doing other unconventional works......is my favourite....but study is my weakness......

I wish i could tell you more... but i need to stop my babbles here first because I had to do my works now....So... By for now gUys...
Please pray for me.... thanks...

{a chase towards S.P.M }
           MOHA MOHU

Syukran 'ala kulli haal. From your friend, moha_mohu

12 April 2011

Hello,hello and hello
I'm pleased to see you guys again through this dumpty (dump + empty )  blog. Yeah.

At last my wish has come true.. Almighty Allah has heard my prayers. I am going for chess competition (inter-school) on Wed and Thurs.
So i need to keep my arms ready, my mind free, and my body fresh and healthy ( I dont meant that i dont need this over-healthy body) :P
BTW, my school is having a great chaos caused by the presence of the new principal in my school. Woooo!
I felt i am stucked in between those heavy rules and regulations.

This week i'll be a bit busy like those bees building their swarm! I am going to have a Mathematics Exhibition tomorrow. God gracious I have no idea , how am i going to cope with my studies. They are towering in my room. But i managed to pick some of my sleep time to go through those notes.
 Before my cave of eye lens start to close, I'd like to thanks to all of my friends, Haziq , Aina , Lashinna , Amar , Acap , Irwan and the others who are in too. We went to Seremban Parade on last Saturday for the Mighty Mind Competition. Quite interesting. Although i did'nt manage to pass through the first round but i am still happy because i get an oppurtunity to be with them. Having Hooos and Haaaas,,, ,,,
I wish i can have those precious moments again and again....

Great, Now my eyes are deadly want to close.. So i will leave all of you here right now... Keep in touch (K.I.T) to this blog... Hope you love my writings.

       M O H A - M O H U

Syukran 'ala kulli haal. From your friend, moha_mohu