8 December 2012

1 trillion bacteria di kaki kita??

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

There is about one trillion bacteria on each of your feet.

Terjumpa fact ni from this site. Macam mana la agaknya diorang kira 1 trillion bacteria ni. :P
Hikmah daripada facts ni ialah, 
  • kita berwudu'k sebelum solat
  • when berwudu'k kita mesti bersihkan kaki. 
  • So just imagine how's the condition of the feet of those who don't perform solat(especially the kaafiirun),,..
We(I'm talking proudly as a Muslim) should at least have been washing our feet 5 times a day( 5kali solat sehari)

Nevertheless, we should be proud of our religion as the aspect of cleanliness(Taharah) is being emphasised.

Just a simple interesting fact from an UNINTERESTING person.

Thank you.

Syukran 'ala kulli haal. From your friend, moha_mohu

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