8 January 2013


Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

 Hari ni aku cuma nak kongsi pengalaman in which aku baru sedar akan suatu keajaiban.
Pengalaman? Keajaiban?

hurm, actually to be honest :/ It has been a while since i gradually left my most precious 'amalan's. T_T
 Recently, I just realised about it.
I don't know what has inhibited my interest to continuing my 'amalan's

My life seems to become worsen -.- I felt that the time is ticking fast...
Everything that I do eventually becomes wrong/incomplete/imperfect.
I couldn't feel satisfy in whatever I'm doing.
 I felt very uneasy/restless/jittery.

My parents scolded me.
because i had been quite hot-tempered lately (sikit2 nak marah)

Soon, this strong force(negative) has been trying to lure me loosening myself from my 'amalan's..
I'm not saying that I'm perfect(with my 'amalan's) but
 I just feel a noticeable different(positive) when i'm doing the 'amalan's.

Till today's morning i have been neglecting them.
Yet, somehow i realise that He still give me the hidayah and never let me go astray.

Actually, today I was accompanying my father to see 'some person' regarding (tuuuuuuttttt---sometimes privacy is vital) matters..... 

As a matter of fact, today is monday(a weekday/working day) 
early in the morning my father dropped me at a masjid at nilai while he was going to punch-in(i'm not sure about the spelling,, but it's the term common among workers)

So while i was at the masjid, I felt an attractive force(positive) that induce me to re-practice my 'amalan's... 
doing the 'amalan's makes me feel very calm, peaceful, feel very lively..
it is just not enough to describe it in words.~

Throughout this day, i met the 'some person' who is actually having a bad attitude.
Very arrogant! and the 'some person' talks cynically. 
 Usually , i would have shown my anger towards that 'some person'..
 but yet, i was still capable of calming down, and being patience.

Seriously, i think i have acted very strangely today...
it's like I'm not me anymore :D (in a positive way)

I'm really glad that He has clearly shown me, what He is capable of.

It's just like turning a fire into an ice
changing a dull into shiny

Arghh it's indescribable
I'm sure that you 
are blurrr right now.. :(

Nevamind, it's still my pengalaman for me to remember 

Syukran 'ala kulli haal. From your friend, moha_mohu

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