16 October 2013

The inevitability

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,
Kaifa halukum al-yaum?
Sa-atakallamu an al-maudhu' : "The inevitability" bi al-lughah al-injlisiah.

I have just read an article made by a friend of mine (Nadhirah or King). She wrote about "Of grade and its glory".  I like the last part of her writing
"It is this perception that we have to kill, first of all. Before we can even get our heads around diminishing the idea that grades are the ultimate ticket to bright future, it is the perception itself that we have to eliminate. To equate grades as unimportant is a false statement. Grades may not be an accurate tool to measure one’s comprehension, but grades show the level of one’s understanding and where one’s knowledge on certain discipline is insufficient. However, the belief that grades serve as the mark of our future is blatantly wrong. It is this that I wish to realize upon many others. Grades are mere grades."
Taking grades as a ruler to measure one's potential is very unwise. Academically(through grades), one may seem to be superb but that person might be weak socially. To put this in a much simpler way, steps should taken to remedy the corrupted perception of the oblivious parents so that they could find a better way in order to inculcate the love for knowledge among their beloved children.
It is quite understandable when students start arguing about how grade determine their qualification to enroll in preferred universities/ preferred courses. Yes, yes and yes. It is undeniable that the grades determine the qualification(to enroll into univ.). BUT knowledge without practice is like a tree without any fruit (an arabic idiom "al-ilm bi la amal ka as-shajar bi la tsamar"). When we learned something new, surely we want some improvements/upgrades. Thus, we must keep practicing the knowledge that we have got in order to nurture ourselves in becoming a better mu'min.

That's all. Smile.

Syukran 'ala kulli haal. From your friend, moha_mohu

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