27 November 2013

Being a cashier, it's more than what you've thought.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Kaifahalukum ?

Living a life as a cashier is not as easy as what it seems. I used to think 'alaaaah, kerja cashier ni senang je, just scan barang2 and then bagi baki duit' . Let me apologise to the cashiers around the world.... I have now experienced how working as a cashier feels. I am spending my ample of free time (sem break for 2 months) by being a jr cashier at Tesco Seremban 2. It's actually fun yet tiring. Work with no pain? then what's the gain?
What are the qualifications needed for you to be a cashier?
# 16 y/o and above
# part time/full time
# permanent/temporary
#knows how to cope with people's anger.(when i say anger, i really mean the utmost level of anger)
# Smile through thick and thin

Here in Tesco, Ive made quite some of acquaintance in which they helped me to overcome my disadvantages.
The TM, CSSM, SMs, TLs and the other partners are affable and easy to be talked to/with .

I would love to share with you about some of the situation that i have faced throughout my working period in Tesco.

It was the 4th day of my first week of being a worker. It was Sunday. And as all of us had known , most of the people would love spending their weekend at supermarket like Tesco. The situation is quite out of control in which we have had less no of counter that had been opened. Son the queues of people are beyond the outskirt of the counter. People are lining up like armies who want to take food at their canteen. It was aready 6pm, in which it should have been the end for my shift on that day. I tried to ask the customers to move to the other counter, but they ignored me.
So i stopped my scanning, and cut the line of one of the customers that are lining up towards my counter. Out of the blue(it is actually predictable logically), one of the customer yelled at me, "ape ni? saya dah lama queue kat sini, dah penat berdiri, .. awak nampak tak sign tu (while pointing his fingers at a board hanged on the counter saying "our cashire will be able to entertain you as long as you're on the green line") mana buktinya? mana? awak tak nampak ke orang ramai tunggu sini? bukak la counter baru!" At that time , i was new a freshly born cashier who knows nothing at all.. the man pushed the trolley in front of me and took his family out of the supermarket furiously. I was dumbfounded! Everyone was looking at me!.. Ughhh what a shameful moment...
Now, I had become more careful especially in handling customer during weekends.

There are new knowledge n techniques that i have learned here :) and many more to be experienced!

That's all. Bye

Syukran 'ala kulli haal. From your friend, moha_mohu

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