17 February 2015

Resul SPM 2014

Just to wish my juniors esp. my cousins and friends... For the upcoming, announcement of result for spm 2014

To ex-SPM warriors...

Keep calm.. For whatever lies ahead(in the future), is not necessarily predestined by ur upcoming result..

It depends on your love and urge in seeking knowledge consistently(istiqamah) lillahi ta'ala...❤

No matter how much facts you hv memorised, if u did not practice what u hv learnt, u will eventually forget...

"Al-'ilm bi la 'amal ka as-shajr bi la tamar" (ilmu tanpa amal, seperti pohon tidak berbuah)

If you ought to get good result(Amiiiinn), don't be too hasty in making decisions(especially in selecting the course that u want to indulge in). Do istikharah...

Remember, if the result turn out to be either good or bad, you need to be grateful to Allah ( perform solat shukr)...

Dont be boastful, if u attain  good result (it is a nikmat.. And it can also be a form of test for 'istidraj')...
Dont be sad, if the result is unexpected...("La tahzan, innallaha ma'ana"- dont be sad, Allah is always with us)

Keep calm and say "Alhamdullillah 'ala kulli nikmat"..

All the best,,,,
May Allah ease everything.

Just some last piece of advice, quoted from ust ibrahim,,:- to stay firm, devoid of anxiety, and ease in every action read these surah of the quran EVERYDAY;-
#As-sajdah pg. 415++
#Ad-Dukhan pg. 496++
#Al-Fath pg. 511
#Al-Waqi'ah pg. 534
#At-Taghabun pg. 556
#Al-Mulk pg.562
#Al-Qalam pg.564
#Al-Muzammil pg.570++

Trying is better than not doing anything,kan?

Start performing ur 'amal  sedikit demi sedikit,,, and increase the 'amal gradually.. Until u've reach ur utmost limit..

Strive hard for your provisioned ambition.

Bittaufiqi wannajah...

Syukran 'ala kulli haal. From your friend, moha_mohu

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