27 October 2015

Why Korean ?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Just sharing a song adapted from a korean drama named Gu Family Book.

I love the rythm, and the voice of the singer. She sounds very delicate and soft. Eventhough I didnt understand the lyrics(in which i had to google it before i could understand what she sings), i still loves this music+song.

Wait a minute ! Wait!!
Since when did I start watching these genre of drama?
I used to like drama i.e very thrilling, puzzling, verbally sarcastic, funny, and 'medico'philia (yea, that's how i describe drama which explain about some medical thingy >_<)

Why Korean of all the other Genres??
No... its not like i'm a fan of the korean artist or sthg.. It's just that some(bold) Korean drama covers my criteria (Refer the red bold-text)..

My sister once saw me watching Korean drama at home,,, (if i'm not mistaken the drama was about spies+family problems etc,, cant remember the title though :( .... but i love the theme song of the drama which is "Suddenly".. google it if you're interested ) .. so she asked me, " kau tengok korean drama eh skrang ni... (looking at me with her pingpong-ball-shaped eyes)"

ok i know, drama is not the same as kpop.

i replied to her,, " ya la,, aku dah bosan kot. asyik tengok drama "House MD" and takde drama lain yg boleh fulfill my interest..."

She perli me sarcastically using her sharp-edged mouth " tak sangka eh, budak medic banyak masa free, boleh tengok drama korea lagi"... (GULP !,)

I felt that her sharp-edged mouth pierce through my earcanal, destroying my cochlea (and whatsoever component in my ear).
Actually, her sarcastic reply was actually acceptable.
ya la,, being a medical student, i still havent learnt to manage my time well...
basically, i should keep myself organized and allocate plenty of time for my studies (instead of doing fruitless activities such as writing this post :P ).

btw, i have thought of this 'sentap' quote.

Why Korean when you have Quran ? :)

Ok la peeps, i have to stop here..

till we meet again on the next post..

p/s : please doakan  for me and my fellow batchmates, we're going to sit for our EOB exam next week :(

Syukran 'ala kulli haal. From your friend, moha_mohu

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