24 April 2017

Issues on vaccine

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,


"I have read with interest comments by my good friend Tan Sri Ismail Merican. We have similar background, we both are from Penang, and we went to the same university, MU. Of course he is my senior. Tan Sri had a very illustrious carrier. Imagine, as far I can remember he is the only one who was appointed a DG of Health Ministry after his retirement.

I agree with him totally on the issue of vaccination. We are going backwards in efforts to manage communicable diseases. We spend more than RM 100 m each year to provide immunisation to all of our children. Imagine, the ones that reject immunisation for their children are those educated people, some even from universities. The rejection is on the uptrend, They even manage to convince many others to follow them. Many reasons are given, side effects, religious as well. I have been saying many times and even replied in parlimen that a vaccine that the ministry of health is using has no porcine DNA. This is the problem when we have so many Dr Google among us. They read the internet and that's it, they follow whatever is written there. They make their own conclusion without expert opinion from our health specialists. One simple logic. The vaccines have undergone so much clinical trials by experts. They will never be used in this country if they are proven unsafe.
These people are being selfish in a way. When they were young they received the immunisation. Their parents never rejected it. That is why I presume they remain healthy and able to have their own children. When their turn comes they choose to deny their children the protection from immunisation. This is unthinkable. They are denying the rights of their children to a healthy life free from communicable diseases. What is even worse they are also putting the general population at risk due to lack of herd immunity.
I agree we have to do more to convince this so called educated group of people to understand the danger faced by their children and the general public. So far the fatwa on the use of the vaccines is HARUS. We are in the process of engaging JAKIM, Women's ministry and other relevant agencies on the way forward. One thing that can be done immediately is to have JAKIM to write a khutbah for Friday prayers.  ....."
wriiten by :Dato’ Seri Dr. Hilmi Bin Haji Yahaya
Deputy Minister Of Health, Malaysia, Ministry of Health, Malaysia 3rd July 2016 

Ok,,, looking at the above statement, it is crystal clear that the antivax people are being ridiculous.

Picture to describe about antivax's thnkings  :D

You'll need to understand how would the vaccine helps your children....
Its the protection that we ought to get in order to avoid a more severe cases(diseases).

So beyond the situation of antivax being STUPID, the governemnt also should try to pinpoint these groups of people and try to approach them in person.
This being said, it doesn't mean that the minister had to come down and approach these people  face-to-face...
It might be wise to organise a talk in which it is publicized in the media...
This talk should encourage people to ask about any misconception that they had on vaccinations. Basically, this should help the people understand the motive and become more resistant towards any speculations..

Below, is the new vaccination schedule from Ministry of Health Malaysia ( Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia ).
The clear difference is that there is extra dosage for MMR vaccine. The BCG vaccine had also been reduced to one dose which is taken after birth.


Syukran 'ala kulli haal. From your friend, moha_mohu


  1. Bila dah terlebih pandai, macam nie lah jadinya.. suka sangat percaya tanpa menyelidiki fakta yang betul.. Kesian dekat anak-anak lah..

  2. How we gonna confront with these kind of people?
    Haritu kt kk temerloh, ada satu couple ni husband n wife la, diorg reject vaccination utk diorg punya second child.Seingat aku first child diorg pun xvaccinated.Dr kt kk tu explain la bla bla bla.Tapi si bapa still dgn pendirian dia yg xnak vaccinekan anak. Dia ada gak share dia punya thought pasal apa dia reject vaccination.The reasons are same, it is all about religion, side effect bla bla bla.and one more thing he claimed his first child is healthy didnot get any disease even not vaccinated. And he also claimed that only with breastfeeding can offer immunity to the child.Dr explained lama gak la confront semua reasons dia tapi last2 dia still dgn pndirian dia, reject vaccination.
    Kalu jenis yg mcm ni mcm mana nk confront eh? Sbb dia dah mmg dgn pndirian dia.

    1. These kind of parents are the ones that are hard to convince... Maybe diorang sanggup je , kalau anak2 diorang become at risk of developing various dangerous disease despite believing in the anti-vax ideologies .... :(
      The child is not going to get any more so-called 'extra' immunity once the breastfeeding ceases.... so in this case, ask the father, from where will the child get immunity? daripada formula milk pulak ke?? XDDD